Clay brick machine construction equipment and high-fine crusher for construction equipment (GS120*100)

High Fine Crusher for Clay Brick Machine(GS120*100)1.Machine name GS120×100 roller crusher2. Product introduction     GS120×100 roller crusher is one of raw material crushing equipments, which include brick, cement, and mining production. It has a good elaboration and kneads to grind especial

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High Fine Crusher for Clay Brick Machine(GS120*100)
1.Machine name

 GS120×100 roller crusher
High Fine Crusher for Clay Brick Machine Construction Equipment&Construction Equipment (GS120*100)

2. Product introduction 
    GS120×100 roller crusher is one of raw material crushing equipments, which include brick, cement, and mining production. It has a good elaboration and kneads to grind especially for the raw material processing of brick production.

3. main product technical parameters
Production Capacity40~65m3/h
Size of roller(Diameter×Width)Φ1200×1000mm
Speed of quick roller207rpm
Speed of slow roller175 rpm
Grain size of fed clay<5mm
Gap between rollers≤2mm
Power of electric motor90+75kW
Speed of motor980 rpm
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)3940×2450×2200
  4. Part product main technical parameters list
Item & ModelCapacityPowerOverall Dimension            Weight
GS70x5020-30 m3/h18.5kwx2  
GS80x5025-35 m3/h22kw-6x2  
GS80x6030-40 m3/h30kw-6x2  
GS100x7035-50 m3/h45kw-6+55kw-6      
GS100x8040-55 m3/h55kw-6+75kw-6   
GS120x10040-65 m3/h75kw-6+90kw-6      

5.    Part product main host picture exhibition
6.Turnkey Project Solution
1.Prior Period
    A.Raw Material Analysis: Quality brick depends on two factors of raw materials, chemical composition and physical performance.

B. Technology Designing: According to raw material analyzing, we confirm the most suitable raw materials for manufacturing brick, and design the plant craft, select equipments, construct kiln, quality control, management and other complete plant solution.                                                                             

C. Design production line:  accordance with your request, we will provide you with different production line, reasonable layout drawings will also design for you according to your site environment, if necessary, we will send our factory technicians for installation and commissioning.

2.Medium Period
 A. Tunnel Kiln Construction: Xiechuang united China domestic TOP Kiln Solution Company, and combined with China Brick& Tile Industry Association, offering customers quality, stable, economical tunnel kiln project solution.
 B. Equipments Selection: According to raw material, water ratio, brick type, capacity, technology, Xiechuang confirmed the model of Vacuum Extruder, Crusher, Mixer, Cutting Machine and etc. Recommend energy-efficient equipments with economical investment for customers.

3. Late Period
 A.Training Instruction: Xiechuang has 168 professional engineers for designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.United Experts of China Brick & Tile Industry Association offering customers professional training instruction for Production.
B. Production Management: For every customer, not only choose a reliable and quality supplier, but also improve the management of equipments maintaining and production. Guarantee smoothly operation of equipments, increase enterprises economic benefit.

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