High demand second-hand concrete block equipment

Used Concrete Block Equipment1. Description1)brick manufacturing machine with multi-function2)This machine is multi-fuctional. Various bricks such as road verge bricks,river channel bricks,slope-protecting bricks,plazapavement bricks,dock bricks,grass-planting bricks etc. can be produced only by exchanging its mould.3)By low fre

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Used Concrete Block Equipment
1. Description
1)brick manufacturing machine with multi-function
2)This machine is multi-fuctional. Various bricks such as road verge bricks,river channel bricks,slope-protecting bricks,plaza
pavement bricks,dock bricks,grass-planting bricks etc. can be produced only by exchanging its mould.
3)By low frequency material feeding,high frequency vibrating and pressing and vibrating both by table and mould, the concrete
can be completely liquidized and air discharged within 2 or 3 seconds, in order to obtain high density and high strength.
4)As the advanced hydraulic ratio control technology is adopted so that the oil pressure of each branch of the circuit can be controlled at will and various bricks with the same high quality can be produced using different raw materials.
5)PLC intelligent control system which equipped with data input and output device,advanced safety logic and fault self-diagnosis system is adopted in full of the production procedure.
It can produce all kinds of hollow blocks , solid bricks ,color paving bricks,only by changing different molds.
High Demand Used Concrete Block Equipment

QT8-15 block machine can produce 8 pcs 400*200*200mm hollow block one mold , the capacity per day is around 130000-140000pcs . Of course , by changing mold , it can produce hollow, solid, paver and kerbstone etc.

It works with hydraulic pressure to produce various hollow blocks, solid bricks, color paving bricks,interlocking bricks, curbs, etc only by changing different moulds.
This model is medium sized which is hot sale because of its low price and high capacity performance.

And our cement scale is more accurate for the dosage of cement , that can save more cost for customer.
FOR THE SILO , we separate the silo in pieces , that can deliver easier to customer , save more space .

3. Brick making machine Working principle
For the product forming, the machine takes the hydraulic force as the main and the mechanical force as the auxiliary, through vibrating and pressing, to finish the forming procedure. The formed products are high in compressive strength, good in density, perfect in anti-frost and precise in dimensions. Its four guiding columns are coated with cadmium, having perfect torsional strength and wearing capacity. Its material distributor, using sensor and hydraulic proportional driving technologies, can produce forced centrifugal discharging under the function of swing and arc-breaking mechanism to provide quick and even material distributing, and to increase the productivity.

4. Advantages:
1)The machine adopts hydraulic system and the working procedure is very even and dependable, hydraulic press together with efficiently vibration make the shape, it which has high density and good quality.
2)It is a practical machine that simple in structure, artistic in figure. Especially suitable to the production of the standard bricks, it can produce various kinds of paving bricks, porous bricks, roads bricks etc.
3)The reasonable material proportion have the capacity of making high-density standard bricks, what's more, it can be piled up directly.
4)Control system
PLC intelligent control. Man-machine interface, control system equipped with complete logic control, production program, malfunction diagnosis system and remote control function. So it doesn't need a professional person but only need a simple trained one  to the operator.

High Demand Used Concrete Block Equipment

5. Technical
Main technical parameter
Dimension of host machine3800*2200*2750mmHost machine power45KW
Weight of host machine10.5TVibration force70-100KN
Molding area1196x880Mixer modelJS750
Water consumption8-14Ton/dayPallet size1050*900*28
workshop area5000m2Pallets need1500pcs
Workers need5-8 peopleVoltageadopt to local voltage
6. Blocks this machine can make
It can produce all kinds of hollow blocks and solid bricks and color paving bricks,only by changing different moulds.
Various styles of brick machine mold, you can choose
According to customer requirements, we can customize all kinds of brick machine molds, Hollow brick mold size: 390 * 190 * 190,390 * 180 * 190,390 * 240 * 190,390 * 190 * 90 standard brick mold size: 240 * 115 * 53mm,240 * 115 * 50mm,240 * 115 * 49mmm, 240 * 115 * 51. eight-hole brick mold : 240 * 115 * 90. Blind road brick mold: 250 * 250 * 60mm, 250 * 22.5 * 60mm. Bread brick mold: 200 * 100 * 60mm and other specifications of the mold.

7. Sample capacity

High Demand Used Concrete Block Equipment
High Demand Used Concrete Block Equipment

8. Raw material can be used for making bricks
It uses sand, gravel and cement as raw material, and can be added with fly ash, slag, steel slag,coal gangue,perlite and other industrial refuse.
This is the most popular proportion in making block making machine:
1)Standard concrete block: Cement 9-12%, sand 40%, stone 45%, water 3%
2)Light concrete block: Cement 9-12%, slag 80-90%, water 3%
3)Cement 9-12%, sand 10-20%, stone 30-40%, slag 25-50%, water 3%
4)Cement 8%-10%, sand 30%-40%, stone 50%-60%
5)Cement 8%, sand 60%, Fly ash 30%, gypsum 2%.
High Demand Used Concrete Block Equipment

9. In order to save your valuable time, please kindly add information as following:
1)The exact size of blocks and bricks you need;
2)Picture of your blocks;
3)Industrial electricity voltage.(volts & Hz)
4)The specific price please refer to your needs, such as details list.
Note: If you want more such as shipping cost, machine video, catalog, details photos and so on, please tell us, we will do the best to help you.

10. Our Services
Pre-sales Service 
(1) Professional suggestions (raw material matching, machine selection, the condition of building factory,
feasibility analysis for brick machine production line)
(2) Device model choice (recommend the best machine according to the raw material, capacity and the size of brick)
(3) 24 hours on-line service
(4) Welcome to visit our factory and production line anytime.
(5) Introduce the company file, product categories and production process.
(6)Sample testing support.
(1) Update the production scheduling in time
(2) Quality supervision
(3) Product acceptance
(4) Shipping on time
(1) Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine. 
(2) Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
(3) Recall clients regularly ,get feedback in time,keep well communication with each other
One year guarantee

11. Shipping and delivery

High Demand Used Concrete Block Equipment

12. Questions you may have?
1. What is the Raw Material of Block Making Machine?
Our Equipment is Concrete Block Making Machine.The Raw Materials of Concrete are Water, Cement, Sand, Stone Powder, Fly Ash, Slag etc..
2. Which one Block Making Machine is more suitable for me?
The Models of our Block Making Machine are QT10-15,QT8-15,QT4-15,QT4-185,QT4-24,QT4-26,QT40-,QT40-2each model has different Configuration.Our company also owns 10-15 Concrete Block Making Machine and 6-30  Mobile Concrete Block Making Machine.Which one of machines is right for me?The following questions should be carefully considered by yourself.Firstly,what Block Size do you want make?How many Blocks do you want make per day?What is your budget for this block machine projectWe can choose the suitable model and configuration for you if above information can be provided.
3. How could we buy machine from us?
Our company will sign Sales Contract or Proforma Invoice with you by Email,Fax or Mail after confirming the Equipment that you want to buy; or we can make invioce on made in china plate form our company will arrange Equipment and Mould Production after receiving your 30% deposit.The balance should be paid when the production is finished.Then we will arrange delivery to your closest Sea Port where you can take over the Equipment.
4. How could we take over the Equipment?
At present our customers come across more than Eighty Countries around the world.They are using our machine,but most of our machine spread in Africa,Middle East,Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.We will book the Container from the Ship Company when the production is finished.Then the truck will take the Container to our factory for loading,be back to port after finish loading.The Ship Company will transport the Container to designated port where the customers can take over the machine.We also can be responsible for transporting the Equipment to Inland City,but according to our previous experiences,it will be saving transport costs if customers can cover the Inland Transport by yourself.

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