Automatic concrete block mould machine for manufacturing cement blocks

Automatic Concrete Block Molds Machine To Make Cement BlockChina NO.1 Brick Making Machine Supplier QGM  Automatic Concrete BricksMain Technical SpecificationsProduction per Mould:10 pcs/mould (Standard Block: 400x200x200mm)54 pcs/mould (Solid Block: 240x115x53mm)27 pcs/mould (Interlock: 225x112.5x60mm)35 pcs/mould (Ho

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Automatic Concrete Block Molds Machine To Make Cement Block
Automatic Concrete Block Molds Machine to Make Cement Block

China NO.1 Brick Making Machine Supplier QGM  Automatic Concrete Bricks

Main Technical Specifications

Production per Mould:

10 pcs/mould (Standard Block: 400x200x200mm)

54 pcs/mould (Solid Block: 240x115x53mm)

27 pcs/mould (Interlock: 225x112.5x60mm)

35 pcs/mould (Holland Brick: 200x100x60-80mm)

Cycle Time:

15-20 seconds

Production per Shift (8 Working Hours):

Hollow Block (400x200x200mm): 14400-19200 pcs

Solid Block (240x115x53mm): 77760-103680 pcs

Interlock (225x112.5x60mm): 31104-38880 pcs

Holland Brick (200x100x60-80mm): 4032050400 pcs

Vibrating Frequency:

2940 rolls/minute or 50 HZ

Motors Power:

53 KW

Machine Dimensions:

7568x2060x2968mm (excluding electrical control box)

Pallet Size:


Gross Weight:

about 15T

Raw Materials:

crushed stone, sand, cement, dust and coal fly ash, cinder, slag, gangue, gravel, perlite, and other industrial wastes

Applied Products:

concrete blocks, solid/hollow/cellular masonry products, paving stones with or without face mix, garden and landscaping products, slabs, edgers, kerbstones, grass blocks, slope blocks, interlocking blocks, etc.

Applied Fields:

widely used in buildings, road pavings, squares, gardens, landscaping, city constructions


 Our machines, with harmonic cooperation between mechanical, electrical and hydraulic machines functions, guarantee a reliable and high output production of concrete products

1. Use Germany Siemens PLC control system and Siemens Touch Screen, use Schneider and Omron relays and contactors

    A. Siemens PLC, with great adaptability, guarantees the stability and reliability of the machine.

    B. Visualization touch screen, with easy operation

    C. High-quality electrical components from Schneider and Omron;

2. Use Frequency Conversional Control Technology, which controls the block making:

    A. Frequency Conversion Control: guarantees the precise and parallel movement between tamper head and mould, protects the products from transfiguration.

increases the production rate by improving the vibrating efficiency.

    B. Controls the instantaneous start and stop of the motors, to protect the motor from over-heating caused by constant working.

    C. Power saving: 30%

3. Use Double high-dynamic Proportional/Directional Valves to automatically adjust the oil flow and pressure

    A. Buffer the hydraulic cylinder, to protect the cylinder from damage caused by inertia;

    B. Guarantee production stability.

4. 360° Multi-Shaft Rotating and Compulsory Feeding.

    A. Speedy and rotating feeding, with uniform mixing, to make sure that the density and intensity of the products are guaranteed

    B. This uniform feeding is applicable for different kinds of raw materials and moulds.

5. Use heat treatment on moulds and main parts of the machines:

    A. Heavy duty machine structure and wear resistant moulds;

    B. The hardness reaches up to HRC 52-58;

    C. Greatly improves the using lifetime of the machine by 50%.

Automatic Concrete Block Molds Machine to Make Cement Block
Automatic Concrete Block Molds Machine to Make Cement Block
QGM QT10 Block Samples and Production Line

Automatic Concrete Block Molds Machine to Make Cement Block
Automatic Concrete Block Molds Machine to Make Cement Block

Automatic Concrete Block Molds Machine to Make Cement Block

Verified Information:

 Since 1979, QGM specializes in concrete brick machinery manufacturing and supply and is the only supplier that can supply integrated solutions for block making with our service and quality.
 Quality Management System 6S, ISO9001, Environment Management system ISO 14001, CE certified, High Technology Corporate, 88 patents.
 QGM has 10 overseas office and and 25 overseas warhourses,so our machine are well distributed and can be found in use in more than 120 countries and areas.


1.Q: For QT10 concrete brick machine, What is the best price you could offer?

A: The price of a concrete block production line includes batcher, mixer, brick machine, stacker etc, so the price varies a lot based on the client's selection of the auxiliary equipment and configuration. QGM ZENITH is glad to provide quotation for customers who could kindly provide detailed technical requirements such as block type, block size, capacity requirement, budget range etc. Please kindly contact us for further discussion.

2.Q: What does the number 6, 10, 900, 1000 mean in the QGM block machine?

A: Take brick machine QT6 as an example, 6 means the brick machine could make 6 pieces of hollow blocks at the size of 390*190*190mm. The same goes with QT10. For the ZN900C, ZN1000C, these two concrete block machines are updated with Germany Zenith design after 2014. ZN900C and ZN1000C respectively makes 9 and 10 pieces of the same cement blocks mentioned above.

3.Q: For the concrete block machines from QGM ZENITH, how do you do the installation, commission and after sales service?

A: After the arrival of the block machine on site, QGM will appoint technical engineers to support with the installation, commissioning of cement block production as well as the operator training and test. For after-sales service, QGM has set up overseas offices in different areas for future support, including Algeria, Dubai, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Vietnam etc.

4.Q: What is the relationship between Quangong Machinery Co., Ltd and Germany Zenith?

A: In 2014, QGM fully acquired Zenith Maschinenfabrik GmbH. Benefiting from the close collaboration between Germany Zenith technology and QGM China Manufacturing center, QGM Group is able to provide a wide range of concrete block machines to global users, from simple automatic production line to fully automatic production line, from stationary automatic block making machine to mobile automatic block machine.

5.Q:What is the strength of the cement bricks that QGM machines could make?

A: The strength of concrete blocks is related to the properties and ratio of the raw material, the strength of cement, the vibration force, the operation of the concrete block making machine, the regular maintenance of the complete production line etc. The QGM technical engineer would test the machine with the raw materials customer provides on site to make the premium concrete blocks then train the customer's operator. With the proper raw materials and recipe, accurate operation, stored formula in Siemens control system, regular maintenance of the block machine, the QGM block machine should be able to make satisfactory concrete blocks.

6.Q:What payment is acceptable?

A:30% of contract value by T/T as advance payment; 70% of contract value by T/T or L/C before delivery.

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