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Cannabis concentrates are often made with chemical solvents, which may not be great for your health. But now you can make your own solventless rosin at home.

You just need a rosin press, some herb (or kief), and your best dab rig. Read on to discover the best weed press for your needs.

The NugSmasher OG stands out because it’s an efficient manual press that comes with a lifetime warranty — and seven-days-a-week customer service.

If you have any problems, you can simply call or email Nugsmasher. This U.S.-based company is committed to helping their customers acheive excellence in their rosin.

(Of course, they caution that you need to start with top-shelf cannabis; no machine can magically turn old, low-quality herb into amazing rosin.)

But as long as you have good cannabis, you shouldn’t have many problems turning it into rosin with this machine. The NugSmasher OG is easy to use, and the company puts out many YouTube videos explaining every step of the process.

Plus, it’s a manual press, so it doesn’t require an air compressor or any additional equipment. (Except NugSmasher’s Premium Extraction Bags.)

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The DABPRESS 12-Ton Bottle Jack Heat Press stands out because it exerts more pressure than other Dabpress models, and has larger plates than other Dabpress models.

While most Dabpress machines have three-inch by five-inch plates, this one has four-inch by seven-inch plates. It can press more material than other Dabpress models.

Plus, it exerts 12 tons of pressure. This is the most serious machine Dabpress makes.

But be careful not to exert too much pressure too quickly. If you notice the rosin has stained through the parchment paper afterwards, that’s a pretty good sign you exerted too much pressure.

We get it: When you have 12 tons of pressure at your fingertips, it’s easy to get excited and go too big too fast. Plus, Dabpress machines don’t come with pressure gauges, so it can be hard to tell exactly how much pressure you’re exerting. One good way to avoid this problem is to start heating the product first, so it can start breaking down before you even begin to exert pressure. You can also remove stems before you begin.

If you do misuse your machine and break the bottle jack, Dabpress makes it really easy to replace the bottle jack.

This Dabpress 6-Ton Heat Press Machine is made by Dabpress, which is known for making some of the absolute best dab presses for cannabis. This six-ton unit is one of their more affordable machines.

This machine features a temperature gauge, which reviewers say is very accurate. The plates heat up to above 200 degrees very quickly, and you can load about seven grams of flower at once.

Plus, this press is so easy to use, you can start making your own rosin minutes after you unbox your new machine.

This durable machine is great for anyone who makes rosin for edibles. If that’s you, make sure to check out our guide to the best herbal infusers like the Levo oil infuser. Herbal infuser machines help you make infused canna-butter or oil. But watch out: They’re designed to work with cannabis, so if you put rosin in one, you’d make some extremely potent butter!

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, you can’t do much better than this press.

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This Dulytek DM800 Manual Heat Press stands out because it’s small, portable, and perfect for beginners.

Similar to the other Dulytek press on this list, it also comes with excellent customer service.

This is the smaller Dulytek model: it exerts 1350 pounds of pressure, instead of the five tons of pressure you’ll get with Dulytek’s larger five-ton model.

This more portable version also has smaller plates (2 inch by 3 inch).

This manual Dulytek model features a fun-to-use ergonomic handle.

Like most lightweight presses, however, it could be easy to apply too much pressure. (The machine is technically capable of exerting a lot of pressure — up to 1350 pounds. But if you use too much, you’re likely to break one of the nuts or bolts.)

Of course, if you do break something, you can rely on the awesome customer service team to help you out!

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This Dulytek DHP7 7-Ton Hydraulic Heat Press Machine stands out because it can exert seven tons of pressure, yet the included pump jack and ergonomic handle make pressing feel like a breeze.

It includes a temperature gauge and press timer, which are easy to set. You can also use this machine at a lower temperature than with some other presses, which some connoisseurs believe can help increase the flavor of your finished product. The easy digital interface makes it easy and fun to play around with your ideal pressing temperature.

Thanks to the strong pressure jack, you can actually press your herb with all five tons of pressure, without wearing out your arms and hands.

It also comes with a two-year warranty.

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The NugSmasher Pro is perfect for mid-scale commercial operations. It can extract up to 84 grams at once, with up to 20 tons of pressure.

It can be fitted to an air pump, so it operates as a pneumatic pump. You can apply all 20 tons of pressure with the touch of a button.

You need an air compressor with a PSI between 90 and 120 and a tank that fits at least three gallons. (For example, this air compressor would work well.) The air compressor is not included with purchase.

With this professional-level NugSmasher model, you also need a water separator, which you’ll attach to the machine after the air compressor. Luckily, Nugsmasher representatives can be reached by phone or email seven days a week, and they can help walk you through this process.

The large smash plates are seven inches by 10 inches, which are the largest of any machine included in this guide.

But it’s not all about pressing as much as you can at once. The accurate pressure gauge will help you get consistent results — which is important for any commercial operation committed to providing its customers with the best rosin possible. If that’s you, this machine is perfect for you.

The Rosineer Grip Twist Heat Press stands out because of the affordable price, the unique hand crank, and the company’s swift and helpful customer service.

If a hydraulic press is out of your budget, this hand crank really gets the job done. The press is a little smaller than some others on this list, with 3 inch by 5 inch plates, but this also makes it more portable. It comes with brackets that allow you to firmly attach it to a table or work bench.

The plates heat up quickly, and the temperature controls are accurate. (If yours aren’t, you can definitely contact Rosineer directly. They respond to customers quickly and seem happy to send replacement parts free of charge.)

With this press, you can expect yields of around 30 percent.

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The ROSITEK RMP2 2-Ton Manual Heat Press stands out because it’s an affordable unit that gets the job done. You need a little more arm strength than you would with a hydraulic machine, but still, you can get reach the machine’s maximum pressure of two tons with a little elbow grease. (It’s easier if you put the machine on the floor, the company says.)

The plates are only three inches by three inches, so you may need to use your own paper or smaller rosin bags like these. And you probably shouldn’t press more than five grams at once.

But it heats up quickly, and works for most beginners. If you have some strength, and you don’t need to press much material at once, this press could be perfect for you.

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The Brick Press 4-Ton Press stands out because it does not necessarily need to get hot, but can be used simply with the four tons of hydraulic pressure.

So if you believe that pressing with pressure alone can help preserve the terpenes of your favorite strains, then by all means, you can use pressure alone. With this unit, you can go ahead and craft some small-bach, never-heated rosin.

But if you want, you can use heat. It’s made of aircraft aluminum, which retains heat better than steel.

This press is crafted out of one solid piece of aluminum, which also makes it much more lightweight than other presses.

This press will make a brick of three inches by five inches. You can make it up to two inches thick, depending on how much starting material you have to work with.

This press is also easy to clean, which is important, if you plan on using it a lot.

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This MyPress Solventless GEN 2 Deluxe Package stands out because it’s designed for anyone who wants to press professional-grade solventless rosin. Plus, it comes with everything you need to get started. (As long as you have some good material to work with!)

This hand-powered machine enables high-pressure extraction with a heat range of 100 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Although you’ll find other wax presses on this list that reach higher temperatures (like up to 500 degrees), most experts recommend sticking to around 250 degrees anyway.

Thanks to a digital temperature control screen, you can fine-tune your extraction process. This is perfect for anyone who wants to geek out about the ideal temperature for extracting their plant material’s trichomes and terpenes.

The 3″x3″ stainless steel plates and its overall small footprint makes this machine easy to transport and use at home. This kit comes with several 25-micron screen bags, a stainless steel pollen press, and a silicone mat with parchment paper for a mess-free experience.

Best of all, this deluxe kit allows you to get started right away!

Except your weed, of course. But we can’t really help you there. Unless you want to grow your own! If so, you’ll want the best LED grow lights.

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This HXTec Manual Twist Heat Press Machine stands out because it has the pressure and temperature range of a much larger press.

Its clamp can exert three tons of pressure, and its plates can reach around 485 degrees Fahrenheit. But most users stick to around 195 degrees.

Although it’s small, you can press about four grams of material at once. The top and bottom plates are each three inches by five inches, which is pretty standard for most presses. There is no pressure gauge, and you’re advised to start slow. But some users have struggled to apply much pressure at all unless the machine is bolted down to their work bench. (That can be solved with a pair of lag bolts, but of course means this machine is not as portable as some others.)

It also comes with a one-year warranty.

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A weed press simply uses heat and pressure to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from your cannabis bud, trim, shake, kief, or even hash.

Many connoisseurs prefer rosin to other forms of cannabis concentrates -- even the ultra-trendy live resin.

Confused? Check out this article on the difference between resin and rosin. (Full disclosure: I wrote that article for another gig.)

Many people prefer rosin to any other concentrates (including live resin, wax, shatter, or oil) because all those other concentrates are made using solvents.

Solvents that are commonly used in cannabis extraction include butane, ethanol, and CO2.

While some extraction experts swear that they "burn off" all residual solvents during their process, many consumers remain concerned. The health effects of consuming butane are not well understood.

Solvents can be particularly concerning for medical marijuana patients. Many consider rosin to be the "cleanest" way to dab.

We think it's the Rosineer Grip Twist Press. Check out our review above to learn why.

That depends whether you're looking for a manual press, or a hydraulic -- or even pneumatic -- press.

Pneumatic presses are the most expensive because they're the most complex and heavy-duty. They also use air compressors to automate the pressure (and the air compressor is sold separately). They're ideal for a commercial or large-scale operation.

Manual presses are the most affordable option. We've included the best manual presses above.

That would be a toss-up between the Dabpress 4-Ton Heat Press Machine and the Dulytek DHP7 7-Ton Hydraulic Heat Press Machine.

They're both super heavy-duty presses with accurate temperature controls. For more information, check out our detailed reviews above.

Sure -- if you're okay with wasting some of your rosin, making a huge mess, and discovering that your end product is less quality than you expected.

The first heat-pressed rosin was discovered by a clever stoner who thought to use parchment paper and a simple, drugstore-purchased hair straightener. The trichomes melt when you squish the buds in between the heated plates of the hair straightener, and the goopy THC-laden oil is pressed out onto the parchment paper.

Hair straighteners tend to be very high heat, and they are not reliable in terms of temperature control. While they offer a nice and inexpensive at-home solution, and it can be fun to use this method, you can easily end up burning your product and wasting some of your precious rosin. Even if you don't burn it, you will never extract the full amount of rosin from your buds using a hair straightener, so you'll always end up wasting some product.

Professional dab presses, meanwhile, use a combination of heat and pressure to extract the maximum amount of cannabinoids and terpenes from your plants. You can use buds or shake, as long as the moisture content is high enough.

Is your bud super old and dried out? Just rehydrate it by putting these Boveda humidity packs in your jar for a few hours. (They help your bud maintain 62% humidity, which is perfect for pressing.)

And if you really don't feel like investing in a weed press, but your stash box is still overflowing, maybe you could consider other ways to consume your excess marijuana -- like cooking with cannabis.